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NHL Rumors: Erik Karlsson and some spitballing

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Out of fuel, however not concepts, discuss concerning the newest Erik Karlsson commerce rumors.

Marek: “To begin issues off. This began off with a dialog on a radio present earlier on this week, was our dialogue on the San Jose Sharks and Erik Karlsson. And I requested you early within the morning if there was something between San Jose and the Ottawa Senators. Vis-a-vie, Erik Karlsson, and also you mentioned, ‘give me some time, I’ll get again you.’ And then on the radio present you mentioned, ‘there was dialogue between the 2 sides on Erik Karlsson, after which, growth, new cycle begins.

What is the newest, if there may be certainly, a contemporary on this situation?”

Friedman: “I don’t suppose there may be something massively new as we do that right now. Mike Grier set numerous this in movement when on the GM conferences he mentioned that sure, it was one thing that he would contemplate.

Obviously, if it was one thing Erik Karlsson will contemplate. He’s obtained the last word say over this. He’s obtained the no-move clause. But, Grier type of threw it on the market and all of us began chasing. Yes, you gave me a homework task. Yes, I did it. I’ve to say I didn’t at all times work so laborious on my homework assignments once I was truly in class.

I believe there are groups which have type of talked, and I believe the Senators are one. Number one, I ought to say, I don’t suppose anybody’s gone to Karlsson but to say, ‘would you waive for here?’ I don’t suppose we’re at that time or anyplace close to near that.

It’s such an advanced deal, and I believe one of many issues that makes it very difficult is that, what number of groups have the power to actually do that? And Ottawa with numerous their contractual obligations from gamers who you’re not going to need to commerce. Like, I don’t suppose they will do it, and I believe that’s type of the place it went there.

But, you realize what, I do suppose there are some groups which can be going to take a look at it. I do suppose there’s some groups who’ve some curiosity, however numerous it comes right down to A) the place is Karlsson prepared to go, and B) what’s San Jose is prepared to do.”

Marek: “This one, if it indeed does happen at any point to whichever team, this one has third team screaming at me.”

Friedman: “Yes, double retention.”

Marek: “When you consider salary retention because even if the San Jose Sharks take a major chomp out of the contract, you’re still going to probably need a third team here now. Not unlike, I remember you and I talking, actually when we were in Paris, about Patrick Kane and how if they were going to move him before the season there would have to be a third team involved most likely. I kind of get the same feeling here with Erik Karlsson. Mainly because, not only because it’s $11.5 but it’s four more seasons Elliotte.”

Friedman: “But that’s the issue. I believe that Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews is a neater one to do, third crew retention as a result of it’s short-term.

Let’s simply say for increase’s sake. Arizona might do it. At some cut-off date, Arizona goes to have to start out paying a few of these younger guys it’s obtained. And who is aware of? We don’t all know the place we’re going to be in 4 years. You have a look at all of the trending subjects on twitter tonight and there’s a world full of individuals anticipating to get up and never see twitter tomorrow. So I imply, who is aware of what’s going to occur on the market?

How many groups are going to be prepared to say, ‘we’re going to be involved in retaining for 4 years. That is a extremely powerful ask. Even for a crew that’s rebuilding proper now. Arizona in some unspecified time in the future in time, they’re going to have to start out making an attempt to win and paying their guys. That’s an enormous, large dedication, Jeff, and I’m not satisfied there are groups on the market which can be going to need to try this.”

Marek: “Don’t disagree.”

Friedman: “This is my opinion. I want to state this very clearly. They asked us tonight in that awful burning segment to pick a team with Karlsson. This is my opinion. But the team I wonder about is Florida.”

Marek: “Why is that?”

Friedman: “Florida is a really skilled offensive team. they’ve got a lot of money coming off their cap after this year. They’re going to have bit more flexibility. He fits with them. The other one, and again, this is purely my opinion. How many defensemen does Washington have signed after this year?”

Marek: “John Carlson. One. Well they have two RFAs but they have Matt Irwin a UFA. Erik Gustavsson’s a UFA. Trevor van Riemsdyk and Nick Jensen are UFAs as well.”

Friedman: “and so is Orlov.”

Marek: “So yes, I didn’t say Orlov is as well a UFA.”

Friedman: “So these are the 2 groups I have a look at. I believe Florida’s going to have a bit extra flexibility and Washington’s going to have numerous flexibility on protection.

And once more, this not me digging on it. This is me taking a look at it and saying, see conditions the place these two groups are gamers right here. But once more, Karlsson’s going to need to go and there’s obtained to be a willingness to work out a deal. But, these are those that type of stick in my head to observe.

I’m certain there’s going to be extra twists and turns as this goes.”

Marek: “The one factor I ponder about with the Washington Capitals is, and we talked about this on radio the opposite day, the Washington Capitals are going to do no matter it takes to get Ovechkin that document. To catch Gretzky and beat Gretzky. I do know John Carlson is already there as a right-hand shot. Do you need one other right-hand shot Karlsson, in an Eriksson, to make sure somebody’s getting the puck to Ovechkin?

There’s not going to be any rebuild right here for the Caps so long as Ovechkin’s chasing this document. There simply going to maintain placing in gamers to provide him the absolute best likelihood to get it.”

Friedman: “I don’t disagree with you. The one factor there may be, the Karlsson-Burns factor didn’t work in San Jose and now you’re taking a look at it with Burns in Carolina, Karlsson’s purple scorching in San Jose. So perhaps he won’t need that.

Again, don’t anyone run with that we’re reporting this. This is 2 of us spitting right here. Like give us a break. Don’t radio us on the primary day on Mastedon or regardless of the hell we’re going to.”

Marek: “Oh, is that where we going Friday morning? Okay, good.”


Friedman: “Anyway, Florida’s number one. That one jump right into my head, and Washington is another, simply because they got no defensemen for next year yet.”



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