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ANALYSIS: Delving into the details on the new-for-2022 Mercedes W13 | Biznewz

Long and slim is the overriding theme of the Mercedes W13. Although wheelbase has been restricted to a most of three,600mm underneath the 2022 laws, the Mercedes design workforce has retained its favoured means of utilizing the size of the automobile to package deal it narrowly.

Narrow pods, huge aspect channels

The slender sidepods made attainable by the packaging have two necessary aerodynamic implications.

It helps preserve outwash generated additional ahead to remain outwashed. Because the underfloor is bodily additional away from the airflow coming off the entrance wing and entrance wheels, there may be much less likelihood of this turbulent circulate being sucked beneath the ground from the aspect and decreasing the effectiveness of the venturi tunnels, which generate round half of the automobile’s whole downforce.

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Secondly, it has created enormously huge aspect channels between the sidepod and the outer fringe of the ground – means wider than on some other automobile revealed to date. This has created a really massive quantity for the air directed across the sidepods to satisfy up with the airflow exiting the tunnel diffuser. This will create a major stress differential between the highest floor of the channel and the underfloor venturis, creating downforce.

In order to maximise the space between the entrance axle and the start of the sidepods throughout the permitted wheelbase, the ability unit appears to have been mounted a good distance again (as additionally on the Mercedes-engined Aston Martin), implying a brief gearbox casing. It could be seen how the engine airbox and the related plumbing begins a lot additional behind the cockpit than on, say, the Ferrari.

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The comparability between the W13 and the F1-75 (under) reveals the engine being positioned additional again on the Mercedes, a small shark fin and plenty of different variations

More aerodynamic particulars

Within this slender sidepod/rearward-placed engine structure are a number of aerodynamic niceties.

The very lengthy sidepods are extraordinarily refined of their shaping, with a major undercut on the entrance corners spreading down the perimeters. There is a downward ramp, however solely on the entrance, with the higher contours of the pods then rising gently upwards to the radiator exit on the again, roughly in parallel with the form of the venturi tunnels additional down.

The line of the decrease bodywork appears to recommend that these tunnels function a double kick, with a smaller growth chamber part-way down their size earlier than the total up-kick diffuser on the again.

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Archive number: M298880

The sidepods of the W13 are extremely detailed and have a major undercut, as seen right here

The inlet for these tunnels seems to be tiny however a lot greater up than on different automobiles we’ve seen. This mixture implies a robust suction impact into that tunnel, maximising the pace of the airflow by way of them in addition to influencing the airflow across the inlet, which is able to enable it to be directed both in the direction of these channels down the aspect or out-washed additional out.


Front comparability of the W13 and F1-75 (R) exhibiting that the Mercedes’ venturi tunnels are set greater up

The lengthy nostril merges with the decrease wing aspect in the way in which we’ve seen on most different automobiles, hanging under the nostril with the second aspect merging into the nostril’s sides. This could have been optimised to offer the quickest, smoothest circulate attainable to the very hollowed-out underside of the nostril, the unfavorable stress of which might be exerting a robust pull on the oncoming air.

The quicker the air could be made to maneuver on this ahead a part of the automobile, the extra power is offered to feed the circulate into the tunnels, the aspect channels and to the specified – however troublesome to attain underneath these laws – outwash.

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At the again it has been attainable to slot in a small shark fin to assist with stability in yaw – because the route of the automobile to the oncoming air modifications within the early a part of the nook, in order that change is launched extra progressively onto the rear wing by that fin.

As could be anticipated of a Mercedes it seems to be a particularly nicely thought-out and complex piece of package, one with yet one more very distinctive tackle the brand new laws



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