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Battle to restore democracy begins from Sylhet: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir mentioned of their Sylhet rally that the battle towards the Awami League to revive democracy within the nation begins from town as did the liberation battle which led to the start of impartial Bangladesh.

“The government has turned the country into a bottomless basket in the last 14 years and they will be tried for all the crimes they have done,” Fakhrul instructed the seventh divisional rally of the get together at Sylhet’s Alia Madrasah floor Saturday (19 November).

“Common people including day labourers and farmers are struggling. Prices of everything have skyrocketed, because this government is not elected through people’s vote,” he added.  

The BNP secretary common as soon as once more reiterated their name for a caretaker authorities to supervise the upcoming nationwide polls.

“There will be no election in the country without a caretaker government and those who will oppose this will be branded as public enemies,” Fakhrul mentioned.

“The prime minister keeps showing excuses of the constitution whenever we demand a caretaker government. But she was the one who amended the constitution to drop the provision. We do not accept this constitution,” mentioned the BNP chief.

“Sheikh Hasina must resign immediately. An interim government and impartial election commission should be formed,” Fakhrul mentioned Urging all events to unite towards the federal government.

Fakhrul mentioned this authorities shall be tried within the individuals’s court docket for the crime of taking away all human rights.

Addressing the huge crowd of BNP activists and supporters, who joined the rally defying all obstacles together with a transport strike, Fakhrul mentioned, “You have started a war, a war for freedom, for rights, for voting rights.”

BNP Standing Committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy mentioned that the get together will begin the motion to topple the federal government after the divisional rally in Dhaka on 10 December.

“The state of democracy today is like that of Ilias Ali (former BNP lawmaker who went missing in 2012). Ilias Ali is missing, so is democracy,” he mentioned.

On the nation’s financial situation, Gayeshwar mentioned, “The government does not even have enough money in reserves to pay the interest on the loans it has taken. The government looted the reserves.”

Gayeshwar additional mentioned the federal government ought to be held accountable for the harm prompted to the transport sector because of the transport strikes enforced to thwart BNP rallies.

Abdul Moyeen Khan, a member of BNP’s standing committee, mentioned “We will return the power of the people to the people.”

BNP Vice Chairman Dr Zahid Hossain mentioned, “People all over the country have woken up today. Sheikh Hasina will fall. People will win. Prices of goods will decrease. A non-partisan government will be established.”

The Sylhet rally comes after rallies in Chattogram, Khulna, Mymensingh, Rangpur, Barishal and Faridpur.

BNP is about to conclude their sequence of divisional rallies via a mass gathering within the capital on 10 December.



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