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3 Timeless Elements of Storytelling That Will Grow Your Business

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I run a digital advertising and marketing company. If we’re capable of observe a shopper’s income and join it to the advertisements we run (an ecommerce shopper, for instance), we are able to inform them — to the cent — how a lot they make in income for every greenback they spend on advertisements. If that appears like a numbers sport … it’s. But after I pitch purchasers, I do not lead with numbers.

When I pitch a shopper, I do not inform them we are able to generate $34.12 for each $1.00 they spend on advertisements. Surprisingly, that is not what seals the deal. Don’t get me unsuitable, the numbers are necessary, and I share numbers in each pitch I make, however they don’t seem to be an important factor. What issues greater than numbers, or some other element I may share, is whether or not or not I can inform a very good story.

Frankly, numbers bore purchasers. They’re only a field to be checked. If I begin to speak numbers an excessive amount of, the shopper’s eyes will glaze over, and I can see that what they wish to say to me is, “Yes, yes, the numbers are good enough, I see that, check the box, move on, now tell me a story!” Not that they are in search of simply any story, they need a narrative they’ll determine with. They need a story that exhibits that my company has labored with somebody like them earlier than and that we acquired nice outcomes. But that is not all they need. Here are three parts your story ought to embody with a view to persuade your purchasers they wish to work with you:

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Storytelling Element #1: A hero

In his guide, The Hero With a Thousand Faces, creator Joseph Campbell laid out what all of us now name “The Hero’s Journey.” To simplify, the hero is comfy at residence, when instantly there is a name to journey. He leaves residence, faces challenges, overcomes obstacles and comes again residence a modified individual. This story is informed over and over in books and flicks, from The Hobbit to Star Wars to Harry Potter.

However, whereas each story wants a hero, the place many entrepreneurs make a mistake is in assuming they or their firm is the hero. As Donald Miller explains in his guide Building a StoryBrand, “When we position our customer as the hero and ourselves as the guide, we will be recognized as a trusted resource to help them overcome their challenges.”

Your buyer is Bilbo Baggins, and you’re Gandalf. You are the Obi-wan Kenobi to Luke Skywalker. You are Dumbledore, and your buyer is Harry Potter.

This method has helped no less than one entrepreneur elevate over $8 billion for her purchasers. “Most firms in our industry go into a meeting with a polished pitch that’s all, me, me, me,” says Stacy Havener, CEO of Havener Capital Partners, an company that helps funding boutiques construct, launch and develop funds. “We flip the script. When we help our clients raise money, we tell them to make their prospect the hero.” Havener defined that in a single case, the technique resulted in a $10 million dedication after only a single preliminary assembly.

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Storytelling Element #2: A problem

There’s no extra boring story than, “We wanted to do XYZ, so we went to work, and we did it.” Where’s the joy in that?!

Entrepreneurs are tempted to inform this type of story as a result of we do not wish to admit that we ever face any challenges. We need the shopper to imagine that in the event that they work with us, every thing will go flawlessly, with no single hiccup. However, once we depart this necessary ingredient out of our story, we not solely conceal the reality, however we shoot ourselves within the foot as a result of we’re lacking an amazing alternative to point out the shopper one thing necessary about ourselves — that we all know the best way to overcome challenges.

Juliana Garcia has helped business coaches generate tens of millions in income utilizing her trademarked method, which she calls “Elegant Vulnerability®,” to share their challenges. “You don’t have to have the perfect story or hide the parts of your story that you feel ashamed to share,” she says. “Your clients don’t need you to be perfect. When you share your own challenges, you show up as a relatable human authority. This helps clients to gain a deeper sense of trust, and they’re willing to pay you more.”

According to Garcia, there is a perfect ratio when sharing your challenges. “Balance 50% personal stories to be relatable and 50% business training to show you are a true expert. High-paying clients come to you when they resonate with who you are and at the same time feel like you will get results.”

This is the way forward for storytelling on-line. An affordable shopper expects there to be challenges, however they wish to know that while you face one, you may determine it out rapidly. There’s no higher approach to present a shopper you may care for them, it doesn’t matter what, than to inform them a narrative about while you overcame a giant problem.

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Storytelling Element #3: A lesson

What’s the third ingredient in crafting your profitable entrepreneurial story? “Victory, of course!” Sorry, no. Telling about the way you confronted a problem and have been victorious in overcoming it may be useful, but it surely’s a lot much less necessary than speaking in regards to the lesson you discovered from the problem.

Ever heard somebody ask, “What’s the moral of the story?” Someone who was well-known for together with classes in his tales was Aesop, a Greek slave born round 620 B.C. Some of Aesop’s most well-known tales, often called Aesop’s Fables, embody “The Fox and the Grapes,” “The Hare and the Tortoise” and “The Goose and the Golden Egg.” In every fable, Aesop included a lesson — one thing sensible the listener may study and apply simply in their very own lives.

Including a lesson in your story is not designed to show your buyer a lesson they’ll apply a lot as to point out them that if one thing goes unsuitable whereas they’re working with you, you are sensible sufficient to not solely repair it however be certain that it by no means occurs once more. Ironically, by sharing your previous challenges or errors, you construct the shopper’s confidence in you.

My business may be very private as a result of I promote companies to purchasers. You might promote merchandise and by no means get to know your prospects. Regardless, storytelling is important to gasoline your progress as a result of whether or not you are working with purchasers or prospects or promoting companies or merchandise, folks do business with companies they know, like and belief. Nothing I’ve discovered helps folks really feel like they know you, get to love you and develop belief in you than telling tales that embody the client because the hero, an thrilling problem and a lesson discovered from dealing with the problem. Try incorporating this type of storytelling into your advertising and marketing and gross sales technique, and watch how your prospects rally round you.



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